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Dear Parents,

The school year is off to a fantastic start. There have already been some exciting things to report. Our Volleyball and Cross Country teams are competing hard, our Knowledge Bowl team started their season with a victory to build on last year’s state championship, and we recently got word that our district has been Accredited with Distinction the eighth year in a row. There is so much to celebrate already this year!


• Colorado Department of Education, Accredited with Distinction 2010-2017

• John Irwin Schools of Excellence

• US News and World Report Bronze

• Governors Distinguished Improvement Award

• Colorado Succeeds Award—2017;

•Top five Elementary School in Colorado

U.S. News rankings include data on more than 21,00 public high schools in 50 stats and the District of Columbia.  Schools were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college.  

We got word that our high school is being recognized for closing the achievement gap for our high school students based on ACT scores.  The last four years have seen a significant increase!  John Condie from CDE was at the school to hand out the award to our teachers! 

Great Job Staff and Students!


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